Artist’s Statement

Media: I create mixed media work on paper and panel.  These include found and original collaged papers, found objects, personal photographs, text, cement, textured papers, embossed gel medium, wallpapers, building materials, and other assorted 2- and 3-dimensional articles.

The Square: I build images on a square as the primary design element. Arches and squares may connect together to create new support shapes.

Active/Passive Space:  I work with the concept of active and passive space.  In the active space, I construct and attach images, creating content and meaning.    The passive space is meditative and quiet; its focus is texture.

Activators: The three-dimensional found objects are “activators.” They are visual vehicles inviting the viewer to make a more physical connection to the imagery. The addition of common hardware contributes to the idea of strength and structure.

Personal Background: I was born and raised in Abilene, Texas. My great-great-great-grandfather, Oliver Loving, drove the first cattle out of Texas, and his life was used by Larry McMurtry in Lonesome Dove. My paternal grandfather, close friends with Native Americans, owned the largest private collection of artifacts in the 1960s (now housed with the Boy Scouts at Philmont). I spent my summers in New Mexico on my maternal grandfather’s cattle ranch, watching roundups, moving cows, exploring arroyos, canyons, and mountains. My maternal grandmother made quilts. My attraction to the square system can be attributed to my fascination as a child to these family quilts — the juxtaposing, twisting, mirroring, and reversing of shapes.

Content and Themes:  My imagery is influenced by the Southwest, my travels, the Proto-Sinaic (pre-Hebrew Western) alphabet and its meanings, literature, art history, biology and the sciences, and musical lyrics. These interests are found in my themes: The Wild West, Vanitas, The Alphabet, Songbirds, Shelter, and Nature.